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coming out of your room at 3 am and seeing your parents


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A lot of dudes think women dress slutty for them, but honestly if men weren’t such fucking animals I would dress 300000% more slutty then I do now. You people ruin everything.  

I wanna wear this shit outside god damn it. 

Oh my god SO TRUE. I would constantly wear thigh highs and short skirts and underbust corsets because I look so fucking good. God forbid women like their OWN bodies, too.

For real !! like 90 % of my fucking wardrobe now is just for cam cause it’s too sexy to wear in public. Fucking bullshit.  I use to wear thigh highs with garters with shorts a lot but I got sooo many comments. Fucking… people. You literally just saw the tops of my thighs. But all the dudes are like ‘Why wear that if you don’t want attention???’ cause i look fine as hell and I don’t give a shit about some fucking random broke ass dudes on the corner. 

I can’t even express how much this describes my feelings. Bitch I wear my corsets and my fishnets and my heels the size you wish your dick was because they make me feel fucking fabulous, not because I want you to tell me how much you’d like to “smash” me.

Heels the size you wish your dick was.

Omg this

This this a million times this

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If Tumblr was a movie I’d probably be the extra in the background no one notices

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when u see people having fun and you want to join but ur just like


I relate to this so hard it’s upsetting me

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A child’s skull prior to loosing its baby teeth

children are terrifying little hellbeasts and I want you all to know this from a medical standpoint


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  • Baby: M-m
  • Mom: Mama?
  • Baby: The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell
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